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Alzheimer's Support

Ms. Kristen is proud to partner with many adult care centers in offering Virtual Musical Memory Cafe presentations!


My mom, Carole, and I singing at my husband's 40th birthday.  She was 1 year into diagnosis and really starting to show signs of "this is for real."  She had an absolute blast singing kareoke all night and I'll always remember this as one of our best nights together since diagnosis.


My parents, Ray and Carole, surrounded by the loves of their lives (their grandkids) at their favorite place...their cabin.  This pictures sums up everything they had dreamed of...and they did have it, but not for long enough.

If you've ever heard my mom sing, you'd know where I got my voice from. 

She LOVED - LOVES - to sing.  It was the one constant outlet for her that she turned to, and now, 5 years into Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease, it's the only point-of-entry to a place where she can complete a thought, phrase or sentence.  The "musical part" of the brain appears to remain unaffected by this monster of a disease. 

Some of my happiest memories of my mom are when we sang together in the car, at church, or in our home.  I loved when she took the time to sit at the piano with her "big black book" and sang and played.  It seemed like she was the most talented, magical person on the planet.

I want to help spread that magic - especially in light of Covid-19 and the lack of respite/recreational opportunities for people living with Alzheimer's.  


I am available to provide virtual interactive sing-a-long sessions for your organization, Senior Care Center or Memory Care facility.  I will provide a stimulating and interactive musical experience for individuals living with Alzheimer's.  I am not a music therapist, but a music educator who loves someone with Alzheimer's.  I just want to brighten some days, and maybe give caregivers a brief few moments of fun with their loved ones.  

We will be using ZOOM for the sessions.  Zoom is very easy.  You click on the link I email you, you agree to download Zoom, and - DONE:  The meeting will pop up.

I am available most afternoons after 12pm CST and Thursday mornings/afternoons.  If you're interested in scheduling a musical memory cafe, please use the form below.



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