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Feel the Love with a Family Music Class
On Valentine's Day!

The best way to share your love with your children is to spend quality time together.  Sneak in a little musical education and everybody wins!  Ms. Kristen has created this special Valentine's Day-themed music class for you and your children to celebrate the special bond you share.  This is best suited for children 5 and under WITH their parents, or other special grown-ups.  For a special Valentine's treat, consider having out-of-town grandparents join via zoom and participate with you!

Supplies for class:
Rhythm sticks (or big spoons, wooden blocks - anything you can bang together)
A Parachute (or a big flat sheet)

Set up a little space in the living room to move around and you'll be ready to go!


Interested in joining Ms. Kristen for a Music Together Session?   

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