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Rhythm Kids Drum Options

We will be using djembe drums for class - djembes are important for class because they provide a tone/bass contrast, which we'll be exploring throughout the activities.  A bongo or floor drum just doesn't provide the same experience for class. You have the option to purchase your own drum or rent one from us.

Rental Option:
For $10, you can use one of our djembes.  It is your responsibility to bring it home and back to class each week.  If the drum is damaged beyond repair, you will have to purchase it for an additional $25.  

Purchase Options:
Brass Bell:  Our own local music shop has exactly what we need at a great price.  Visit them at 210 W. Silver Spring Dr. and tell them you need a small djembe for Rhythm Kids classes.  They are expecting our customers and will show you what to get.  The least expensive option is a 7" Toca colorful djembe for $43.  They have bigger options, as well.

Buy used:  Ms. Kristen may occasionally have used djembes for sale at a cost of $35.  

Online:  Please do your research before purchasing online.  You do not want to end up with a "toy" drum, and often, the cheapest options you will find are just that.  A suitable djembe will not be available for less than around $40.  


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