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Rhythm Kids Drum Options

We will be using djembe drums for class - djembes are important for class because they provide a tone/bass contrast, which we'll be exploring throughout the activities.  A bongo or floor drum just doesn't provide the same experience for class. I purchase sets of these djembes for rental or resale at my "bulk" cost.  The drums cost me $35 to purchase, which is what I will charge you.  If you'd rather rent, the rental fee is $10 for the duration of class.  If your child decides to keep the drum after class, you'll just pay the difference ($25).   These are small, colorful djembes ideal for young children (see the pic below).  If you prefer something more "rustic" looking or a larger size, here are some great options:

Mindy's Musikids:  I love using this company - they tend to have the best prices and the Music Together HQ has a great relationship with the owner, so he knows all about our Rhythm Kids program.  You can browse their website or email/call them directly and ask about the smallest djembes they might have in stock that are ideal for Rhythm Kids:  Call: 407-788-1577 or e-mail:


Amazon:  You can also go with Amazon  - the best brand is Toca but...if you aren't thinking you want to spend that much, just look for a highly rated drum, 7" or larger. Here are some options.  

Shop Local:  You can probably find a small djembe at any local music shop.  Honestly, you don't need to spend a ton!  You just don't want it to break after a few uses, so they should be at least $30 to ensure it's not a "toy" quality.

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